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Nature Center Programs

1. River study- Grab a net and get into water up to your ankles (footwear REQUIRED). Here in one of Florida’s designated Outstanding Waterways, we can find all kinds of life living near the water’s edge. From insect larvae to popular fish, the biodiversity of the river is explored. Chemical testing, for dissolved oxygen and pH, enforces the indications of a healthy river.

2. Native American Living- Visit a Native American campsite, try some palm leaf weaving, make a clay pinch pot or find out how archaeologists discover the culture of Tampa Bay's Native People.

3. Citizen Science- A variety of wildlife monitoring options will make you a scientist for a day. Choose from Plant Surveys, Bird Counts, Butterfly Transects or Burrow Life Census. Learn required protocols, identification, data collection and reporting.

4. Rotation Stations- Programs to accomodate 50 or more students in a 3 hr time period. Students rotate through a series of topic stations led by facilitator. Topics include: Predator/Prey, Pollinators, Biodiversity, Indicator species, Metamorphosis, Pine habitats, Native peoples culture and more.

These inquiry-based activities above require a minimum
of 1 ˝ - 2 hours to complete.

Grade Level: Most programs are modifiable from pre-K through post-12.
Cost: There is a requested donation of $5 per student- chaperones are free. Location: Exit 246 (West) on I-75, go 1 mile west on SR 674, then 3 miles south on 24th St. SE in Ruskin.
Contact: To schedule a program at the Nature Center, email Dolly or call (813) 363-5438.

Environmental Education Program FAQ

Don't forget the Paleo Preserve for a wonderful fossil hunting experience!

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