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Watersheds- SWFWMD

Watersheds- EPA

Welcome to Your Watershed !!

Everyone lives in a Watershed. 
Share Nature in your Neighborhood
with care and concern

Palamedes Swallowtail on Firebush (Hamelia patens)

Landscaping for Wildlife 
Landscaping Backyards for Wildlife- 10 tips
Backyard Wildlife topics
Butterfly Gardening topics
Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension
Florida Native Plant Society
Florida Native Nurseries
All About Birds
Bay-Friendly Landscaping Blog
Citizen Science Info

Places to go... Things to do... 
Florida Birding Trail
Great Backyard Bird Count
Try Geocaching (with GPS)
or maybe Letterboxing (without GPS)
Manatee Viewing Center (Nov- April only)
Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation
Homeowner's Helpline: FAQ

A symbol of 'Old Florida'- a great Live Oak

Fishing cabins are part of our heritage

Water Quality Resources:
Southwest Florida Water Management District.
Little Manatee River Watershed
Tampa Bay Estuary Atlas
Hillsborough County Watershed Atlas
EPA- Water
USDA- Florida Water Science Center

Water Conservation Resources:
Tampa Bay Water- Conservation
FDEP Water Policy
USGS- Florida Water Watch
EPA-Protecting Water in the SE

Brenda and Lester from Tampa
lowered their water bill

Flooding from Hurricane Frances
in Ruskin
Flood Protection Resources:
Hillsborough County Flood Maps
SWFWMD- Weather & Hydrology
After the Storm
NOAA All Hazard Monitor

Natural Systems Resources:
Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Yardstick
Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

Little Manatee River at Camp Bayou

Scrub jays need special habitats
Photos: Dolly Cummings
Habitat Preservation Resources:
Hillsborough County ELAPP
Tampa Bay Sierra Club
Suncoast Chapter- Native Plant Society
Florida Natural Areas Inventory
FDOF- Plant Conservation Program

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